5 Creative Centerpieces
to Liven Up Your Events


Meals are important times during events and, in types such as gala dinners, they are absolutely critical. Guests staring at a plain table or an uninteresting one gain nothing from the experience. On the other hand, a creative centerpiece can reinforce your event’s theme while giving your attendees something to talk about with the others at the same table. Instead of the usual bland bouquet, why not try one of these attention-grabbing ideas?



Fruits and Vegetables

Are you sick of flowers but still want to evoke nature? Try using fruits and vegetables.  They can evoke a wide variety of atmospheres from a rustic and farm-fresh feel to still-life artistry.


Chocolate and Candies

Want a sweeter touch? Spruce up a table with chocolate and candies. It’s not just for kids; it can be used to provoke nostalgia, the spirit fun, or even seductive tastes in adults.


Photo Collage

Photographs hold exciting time and irreplaceable memories, making them a divine idea for centerpieces. You can share pictures of people and happenings that relate to your event for the guests to talk about and enjoy. Arrange them in a creative way and you can include dozens of photos in a limited space.


Art Tools

Looking isn’t the only interaction a person can do with a centerpiece. Integrating art tools, like crayons for kids or markers for adults, to your tables can unleash the playful creativity of your attendees. Let them draw on paper placemats or more daringly on a canvas tablecloth.


Tablet Computers

Before your guests spend the meal tweeting on their smartphones, you can provide them another monitor to look at. A tablet is interesting, interactive, and engaging. Fill the tech centerpiece with beautiful photos for your participants to admire as well as important details related to the event, such as schedules and sponsor information.


Your centerpiece is an important design element in your event which you can use to advance your goals. Choose a good piece and your guests will discover something new and exciting about your brand!

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Note: All photos from Bizbash.com