7 Diverse Ways to Serve Food in an Event


If there’s one thing that can make your event memorable, it’s great-tasting food — especially if you know how to properly serve it. Presentation and delivery of meals is crucial in providing a marvelous dining experience to your guests. To help you decide how best to serve food, here are seven suggestions:



À la carte

Let your guest order anything they want from a menu! Ordering à la carte is an expensive way to serve food but it’s de rigueur for an intimate or high-end type of functions. This option works better for smaller, more intimate events because it reduces the lead time in preparing specific meals.



Action Station

If you want to add some spice to your food servicing, then set up an “action station”. This option enables guests to see the chef in action as their food gets cooked right in front of them! It also allows them to decide what they want to eat or how they want their food prepared without a waiter as an intermediary. Action stations are an engaging and exciting way to provide food and are perfect for lively events.




A buffet is a versatile type of food service that can be tailored for pretty much any kind of event, big or small. It offers guests multiple food choices and enables them to quickly and easily choose food that they prefer, and avoid those that cause allergies or goes against their diet.



Cafeteria Service

The cafeteria style of service is basically like a buffet but with caterers controlling food portions at the counter instead of the guests helping themselves. This option can be a lifesaver if you’re on a strict budget.



Food Truck

Hiring a food truck is a fun and interesting way to serve food. Each truck can be unique with its own personality. It’s also an incredibly convenient option for outdoor functions because the vehicle can simply drive to your event, set up, and serve guests.



Plated Meals / Set Menu

The plated meal or set menu service offers only one to two meal choices for guests and the food is served directly to their table. This is a fast and efficient way to provide meals for an event. Attendees don’t have to queue and wait in line, and can continue chatting or networking at their table, which makes it a great option for quick meetings and business-related functions.



Serviced Appetizers

This type of service has waiters walk around the venue to offer appetizers and finger foods to guests. Like the plated meal service, it’s an excellent option if you want to promote socializing among attendees because they can stay where they are and continue conversing with one another.


Good food should always come with good service. If you’re not sure what to choose for your large-scale event, contact us and the M2Live team will help you decide on an option that creates a meaningful experience while fitting your budget. Always take the time in planning how to serve food in your event to be able to provide the best dining experience!

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