Five Key Ingredients For A Successful Live Cooking Demo


In today’s golden age of social media, the spotlight shines on food brighter than ever. With the hashtags, #foodie, #foodgasm, and #foodporn, having over 197 million search results on Instagram, food is always in people’s minds. Because of its popularity, a cooking demo is almost a guaranteed hit. But there are ways to make this event turn a live cooking demo into a powerful social media and PR instrument to market your brand.



Know Your Audience

Treat your audience like a date. If you were going out with someone you like, you’d want to know who they are, what they want to eat, and what they want to talk about. In other words, learn your audience. Create an ideal buyer persona with an age, a job, family, and other pertinent details. It will help you understand what they want from the cooking demo. For example, if your brand is targeting working moms with young children, they’d probably want to learn new simple but healthy meals.  This will also help you narrow down potential venues and social media networks that your target market will find suitable and easy to access.

This brings us to your overall marketing tactics.



Generate Buzz

Announce your event to the different media that your ideal buyer watches, listens, or reads. Give the announcement enough time to build up and gain enough traction. About a month will do. This is important, especially if you’re going announcing on magazines with monthly issues. Don’t forget to tap bloggers and online influencers.

Remember to involve your social media accounts too. You can build up anticipation by providing trivia about your host, telling them about giveaways, or giving info about the dish on the demo. Make sure to invest some of your budget in boosting your posts to reach more people who are part your target audience but who aren’t your followers yet.



Capitalize On Your Host

Recruit a famous personality, celebrity, or influencer to host your cooking demo. This will enable your brand to reach their followers too. Make your host post details about your event on his/her own social media accounts will encourage fans to watch your live cooking demo.



Go Live

Live streaming is making waves in social media. Last year, Facebook rolled out Facebook Live to the general public. Already, people are watching Live videos three times longer than non-Live videos – a remarkable feat in the digital age’s short attention spans! Taking advantage of them is an effective way to shoot your brand’s engagement through the roof.



The Most Important Part: Interact With Your Audience

Your audience will be more inclined to participate in your event and Facebook Live video if you jump into the conversation with them. Pay attention to the comments section and listen to what they have to say. Recognize their interest. Do this and your audience will do more than just “like” or “heart” your cooking demo; they will keep the conversation going.


Cooking demos seem simple. But with the right follow up, they can explode the popularity of your brand.

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