5 Simple Tips when Entertaining Foreign Guests

Hosting foreigners increases the details and moving parts in organizing an event. Their arrival, departure, meals, and even entertainment have to be considered. Fortunately, the challenge isn’t insurmountable. Here are some important points when entertaining foreign guests.



Preparation is Key

Before anything else, make sure to have as much information about your foreign visitor(s) as possible. Who are they? What’s their background? What’s their title? What’s their religion? What are our countries’ cultural differences? Knowing more about them equips you with the information to make them feel welcome and comfortable. It’s disappointing to serve your guest lechon when they’re Muslim or vegan. Remember: research is key.



Booking Accommodations

Make sure that your guests have a place to rest their heads at the end of the day. The place they will call home for the next few days should be strategic. It should be close enough to your venue so that attending will not be a problem and convenient enough for them to get around and have access to places they may need, such as restaurants, malls, and convenience stores.      



Welcome/Transportation Arrangements

Always meet your guests upon their arrival at the airport or any other point of entry. It makes them feel welcome and prevents them from getting lost in a strange new city. Don’t forget to arrange transportation for your guests from their hotel to the venue too.

Keep in mind that the proper ways to welcome people vary from country to country. The handshake is the simplest way to greet someone but in other nations, shaking the hand of a woman is not indicative of respect.



Getting a Translator

If your visitors are not comfortable with the English language, finding a translator will be beneficial. Miscommunications will frustrate you and your guest both. You should be entertaining them, not playing guessing games.



Token of Appreciation

Giving a gift is nice gesture to show that you want to establish a connection. Choose one that is appropriate and customary. Make sure that it is presentable and offer it to your guests in a respectful manner.


Inviting foreign guests is a great way to enrich your event with a different point of view. The additional challenges they bring are worth it.

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