5 Wonderful Ways You Can
Use Virtual Reality for Your Event


Virtual Reality is everywhere right now. It’s used in everything from video games to marketing campaigns, which makes it no surprise to learn it has found its way to events as well. Virtual reality or “VR” allows organizers to provide immersive and engaging experiences for guests. Here are five ways you can incorporate this marvelous technology for your event:



Virtual Presentations

Instead of a typical slideshow, have speakers present via virtual reality! Dazzle attendees with mesmerizing visuals, animations, and sounds that make conferences, forums, and talks truly unforgettable.



Showcase a Product

VR is a great way to introduce a product, service, or venue in an event. Car brand, Jaguar, did this by revealing their electric concept vehicle to journalists through a 25-minute VR show, showcasing its different features and how it was designed.



Exciting Perspectives

Provide guests with perspectives that could only be possible via a VR headset! Bring them close to the action by enabling them to see multiple angles through a live feed or by utilizing drones to stream exhilarating views of the event.



Event Preview

Virtual reality can help you give your clients or partners a very detailed preview of the event before it actually takes place. This is a great help for your collaboration as you can offer them an in-depth look instead of a simple blueprint or peg.



Simulate Virtual Environments

Turn an ordinary event venue into a virtual atmosphere through the power of VR! A great example of this application is Merrell’s TrailScape experience, which brought people to a breathtaking mountain environment that they had to explore.


Don’t pass on the endless possibilities of VR. Try hopping on this technological trend to give your activation or event an extra oomph that your audiences won’t easily forget!

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