6 Advocacy Events that Benefit from LGU Partners

By partnering with an LGU for your brand advocacy or corporate outreach efforts, you can do more to help your cause. You get to mobilize the community, promote your project, and utilize their resources while your company and its message are directly introduced to a greater number of people. With over 42 thousand barangays and 81 provincial LGUs all over the country, you can find support on your activities -- no matter what the scale.

There are many kinds of projects you can work on together with the same goal of improving people’s lives. Here are six event ideas that you can do in collaboration with LGUs:



Book Drive

A book drive is a great activity for an advocacy geared towards education, especially when implemented in less fortunate areas. Choose a local group or institution that could use donated books, such as the public school or library, and work together with the barangay and the Sangguniang Kabataan to get as much books as you can.



Educational Seminar/Conference

Seminars and conferences allow you to spark meaningful discussion about your advocacy in detail with the people who need the learning most. If you’re planning a conference, consider working with a large LGU such as a province or a city to spread the word and involve influential persons. For smaller projects, try municipalities or barangays. Since you’re educating people about your cause, you might also want to collaborate with NGOs to benefit from their expertise.



Environmental Art Fair

Involve an LGU to make it easier to invite people to craft works of art from recycled materials. You can even turn it into a city-wide or provincial contest to ensure lots of applicants! Partner with an environmental organization, such as Greenpeace, to help you teach the community about the importance of recycling.



Home Building

Join forces with the city or provincial government and a group like Habitat for Humanity to help you identify where best to build homes for the less fortunate and gather as much volunteers as possible. A home building event will not only provide shelter to the homeless but will strengthen the sense of community within that LGU.



Tree Planting

A tree planting activity is a productive way of pushing your green advocacy. Healthy ecosystems produce clean air and prevent flooding in communities. Partner with LGUs that have been affected by deforestation and you also might want to consult or work with NGOs, like the Haribon Foundation, to ensure your event’s success.




Mobilize communities like barangays to clean up their beaches, rivers, streets, mountains, and other polluted places. But don’t let it end there—teach them the value of proper waste disposal and segregation too.

Join forces with LGUs when implementing activities in line with your brand advocacy for more impactful results!

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