How to Debut Your Brand in the PH Market


With over 100 million people and a growth rate above six percent, the Philippines is a rising mass market with bountiful opportunities. However, it’s unique among its Southeast Asian neighbors because of its long relationship with the West. With a one-of-a-kind culture, it’s no wonder that debuting a new brand in the country is subtly different from the rest.




Develop a Brand Story

But just like in the rest of the world, the first step is developing your brand story. This story will help consumers understand your brand’s product and its value to their lives and also help you conceptualize your launch. Crafting a brand story is difficult. Take into account your history, vision, capabilities, and personality to weave a relatable and meaningful tale.


Identify All Audiences

However the story isn’t static. Old fairy tales have been rewritten hundreds of times depending on the audience. Compare Disney’s Snow White with Gaiman’s Snow, Glass, Apples. One basic story, two very different treatments designed for separate audiences.  Remember that audiences aren’t limited to customer demographics; they include internal stakeholders, such as the board of directors, vendors, and employees. Create a communication plan for each audience.



Build Relationships

In the Philippines, a crucial component of reaching out to audiences is building relationships. Exchanges occur smoothly when a personal connection is created, whether it’s targeting the media or the consumers. Debuting your brand requires meaningful relationships.


Select Influencers

To reach out to consumers, building a relationship with influencers should be a priority. They already have created meaningful connections to their audience, which a brand could use as an introduction into target communities. Influencers come from all sectors, from celebrities and dignitaries to reporters and bloggers. Choose one or more with the type of audience your brand wants.



Begin Communication from the Inside Out

Spread the news first to audiences who are closer to your brand. Begin with stakeholders then outwards to business partners, influencers, until finally the consumers. Organize internals meetings with colleagues then arrange round-table-discussions with bloggers and the press before the public launch event.



Hype with Social Media

More than 60 million Filipinos are on social media. Their social conversations will mold their enthusiasm and shape your brand perception. Take the conversation to social media to attract fans and followers who will eventually become your social ambassadors. Provide early access to your greatest fans and leak them interesting tidbits to spread their enthusiasm across the internet.


Create an Amazing Launch Experience

All the buildup – the connections and communications – should lead to a satisfying launch event. Leverage your brand story to create an immersive experience that draws in your stakeholders, influencers, and target consumers. Remember to livestream the event for the social media crowd. 


Debuting your brand in the Philippines can be the easiest thing ever or turn into a nightmare. Do your research and consult an events management agency in the Philippines with PR experience to help you penetrate the market.

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