3 Interesting Reasons to
Upgrade to a Digital Guestbook


Your good old guestbook needs an update. Pen-on-paper has become passé in the 21st century and it requires even more work to build a business database afterwards. Fortunately, you can upgrade to a digital guestbook. It can automate some of your tasks and save some trees but it can also do much more. Here are three more reasons to use them:


It Encourages People to Write

Plenty of times, people find writing is too boring to do. But using a digital guestbook is always a new experience. Give them a huge touchscreen device that can offer a wide variety of graphics, emojis, and designs and you may just have to pry the guestbook from their hands.


Upgrade Photos to Videos

Photos in your digital guestbook are incredibly helpful because it can link contact information with people’s faces. It also has tons of gimmicks to prevent signing up being a chore, such as colorful decorations, writing, and drawings over the photos. But why settle for photos when they can shoot their own videos? Video messages are a new and fresh addition to the things your guests can do. By letting them direct their own 30-second video, your guests will be more engaged and have more fun.

Social Media Sharing

Social Media Sharing

 Want to make the benefits of a digital guestbook go beyond databases? Take those pictures, videos, and other types of artworks that your guests have made and share them on your social media accounts with their permission. Ask nicely or include a promo and most people will be more than willing to give their okay and they will most probably share the posts on their own accounts as well. Before you know it, the whole internet is abuzz with your event.


The digital guestbook is a fun and interactive take on pen to paper information transfer. It lets your guests be imaginative and be kids at heart even for a few minutes. Much more than this, the digital guestbook also provides you with valuable insights into your guests that you can use for your next event.

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