6 Fantastic Events That Will
Highlight Your Brand’s Advocacy


A crucial part in pushing for brand advocacies is organizing events that involve your consumers and stakeholders. The right kind of activities will not only help promote your advocacy but also draw in more supporters while building your brand image. If you’re looking to highlight and bolster your cause, here are six types of events you might want to try:



Set up a fundraiser, such as a movie premier, concert, raffle, garage sale, or fun run, that can serve as an opportunity for you to promote your advocacy and gather funds for your cause.



Awards show

Organize an award show that recognizes celebrities and influencers, who support or are involved in your advocacy. This can spread your message to the broader public and maybe even inspire other famous personalities to follow suit!




Another way you can collaborate with celebrity ambassadors is by setting-up a meet-and-greet with fans. This lets you engage with supporters and have someone they look up to teach them about your advocacy.



Workshops/educational event

Organize or sponsor workshops that are related to your cause. It will help your supporters learn more about your cause while simultaneously spreading the word. Invite them to a cooking class, for example, that’s focused on nutritious meals for an advocacy on healthy living.



Record breaking event

Another great way to garner attention for your advocacy is to attempt to break a world record. In 2014, ConAgra Foods partnered with country singer Hunter Hayes to break the Guinness World Record for the most concerts played in multiple cities in 24 hours to raise awareness of child hunger.



Social event

Organize social events with stakeholders and supporters to rally them to your cause and provide an avenue for discussion. A gala dinner is a popular high class event while cocktail parties attract young professionals. This is a greatopportunity to speak about and build connections for your advocacy.

Actions speak louder than words. Implement an event that’s aligned with your advocacy to bring the spotlight to your cause!

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