6 Excellent Reasons for Software Companies to Host User Conferences


Aside from creating practical business software, Salesforce.com, SoftServe Inc., and Miva Merchant also share one thing in common: they host user conferences. These successful companies didn’t stage these events lightly; they found that user conferences make a positive contribution to their bottom line. Here are six reasons why.



Thought Leadership

Businesses always follow best practices because it makes money. A company in a position of thought leadership is able to set or circulate these practices and it will soon discover that its products are always a consideration. User conferences enable software companies to spread innovation and be seen doing it.



Customer Retention

Customers leave for a number of reasons. It could be lack of support, of trust, and of value and there’s neglect and changing needs. User conferences help solve these issues. It provides an opportunity for customers to meet with the actual developers and executives to exchange opinions and seek face-to-face assistance and training.



Drive Adoption of New Competitive Features

Customers often get stuck in a rut and use the same features in software after developing a new innovation that makes their task easier because they don’t know it exists. In some cases, this feature became the reason they jump ship to a competitor. User conferences can help raise awareness of these forgotten or new features and teach how best to use them to raise productivity.



Competitive Advantage

User conferences aren’t common practice yet, especially in the Philippines. Becoming a pioneer in this trend will be noteworthy and demonstrate exceptional customer support that competitors can’t replicate, particularly once the event has become established.



Product Introduction

Although user conferences are generally geared to organizations that have already adopted the product, it’s also a great way to introduce potential customers to the brand. The event provides prospects with a glimpse into the existing userbase and a convenient opportunity to meet dedicated users. It also exposes them to the creative ways that the product is used to solve business problems.



Spur Innovation

Nothing helps software improve than gaining more insight into the problems it’s designed to solve. Conferences enable developers to increase their understanding through exchanges with the actual users. They can discover ways to make it easier to use or better conform to existing business cases.


Organizing a user conference won’t be easy but the rewards can be worth it. Check the existing userbase and scale the event accordingly. It doesn’t have to be a large conference seating hundreds; a small seminar with several dozen guests can raise exposure for the brand and be the start of something great.

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