5 Smart Ways Events
Can Help Product Managers


It is the Product Managers’ duty to develop great products. To achieve this, they need to understand their market to help them formulate ideas to improve their product. For them, targeting the right audiences and getting enough user-feedback are like hitting two birds with one stone. Here are five ways that events can help PMs create amazing products



1. Win Valuable Partnerships

An event is an ideal place to find quality business partners because it’s filled with similar-minded people. Additionally, a face-to-face meeting builds instant trust and respect that only a heavy sheaf of documents can attempt to duplicate. Events are a great way to build strong industry relationships.



2. Broaden Product Presence

A business may offer the best item on the planet but unless consumers know about it, a PM may not be able to make a single deal. Hosting or joining a successful event can boost product visibility. It also increases the chances of a potential client to remember the product – opening the possibility for future acquisition or feedback.



3. Client Education

Conducting a live demo is one of the best ways to show off your product. People can learn about it, touch it, and ask questions about it easily. To gain more attention, exhibiting on customized trade show booths can subtly highlight product design and strengths.



4. Get Mentioned by Media

Events are often newsworthy. Getting mentioned in print, radio, and TV will help raise awareness in people who were unable to attend. Hands-on reviews and footages will also help businesses and consumers determine if the product is right for them.



5. Gain Helpful Connections

James Mayes, the CEO of MindTheProduct, pointed out that one of the biggest values events can provide to Product Managers is the ability to connect and learn from other product people. He added that in such a nascent discipline, peer to peer support is insanely valuable. Aside from getting in touch with targeted audiences, building a friendly connection with other product centric individuals creates an impression of healthy integrity.


By meeting new people and exposing their products to the world, events are a boon to product managers. More importantly, events can help transform a single deal into numerous deals by the end of the day.

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