How to Debut Your Brand:

Launching with an Event


Getting noticed is the perennial problem of new products entering a market. In brand-conscious Philippines, gaining mindshare away from established names is a difficult challenge. Fortunately, there are ways to gain that attention. 

One of the most dependable and effective ways is through an event. Few things can turn the heads of spectacle-loving Filipino more. But staging one is no walk in the park. It takes careful planning, thorough preparation, and flawless execution.



List Your Goals

Before anything else, it’s crucial to know the results that you want from the launch event. Avoid vague targets such as ‘raising brand awareness’. Goals should be concrete and measurable, such as ‘make the pages of the top three Philippine broadsheets’, ‘be mentioned by ten relevant influencers’, or   ‘gather 20 retail buyers’.


Set Date and Venue

With your goals ready, set when and where the launch is going to happen. Don’t make the mistake of scheduling it on a day with other major events to prevent your thunder from being stolen. Choose a venue that’s fresh and unique to upend people’s expectations.



Visualize Branding and Experience

Take advantage of an event’s ability to forge a meaningful experience; this is what sets it apart from other means of debuting your brand. Create a fresh experience that reflects the brand’s personality. Also, a new angle will also give your guests an additional reason to go.



Send Invitations to Relevant Influencers

Select your guests carefully. Different journalists, bloggers, celebrities, and other influencers attract very distinct readers and followings. It’s crucial to find the people with the audience that you want to nurture. This is most likely people who talk about your industry the most. Lastly, choose brand ambassadors who can embody your brand to your target market.


Prepare a Live Demo

Let your audience experience your product or service directly. It’s one of the great strengths of events – to hold and try out new things personally. Watching a demo on TV or YouTube just isn’t the same. Let your guests see, hear, touch, smell, and taste your brand in action to help them communicate its uniqueness to others.

A launch event generates excitement with a visceral experience but it’s limited in scope to the event’s audience. To share the hype across the country and even the world, you will need the aid of social media – which will be the next topic!

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