5 Awesome Year-End Company Party Themes

Nothing makes a year-end party more exciting than a theme based on a current craze or a nostalgic throwback. Whether it’s a Game of Thrones banquet or a 90s boy band concert, a theme will add flavor and fun to a gathering, make it more memorable, and give guests something to talk about and bond over. With the “ber” months just around the corner, it’s about time to start planning your culminating corporate celebration. End the year with a bang with these awesome theme ideas!


Game of Thrones

Ride on the hype of the extremely popular TV series and organize an epic party fit for the lords and ladies of Westeros!


1. Have the Game of Thrones running via projector in the background to have a viewing party on the side.


2. Prepare GoT-themed foods!


3. Try assigning a house for every team or character for every employee and ask them to dress up accordingly. There are loads of personalities in the series and the more participants, the more colorful and immersive the party!


4. Last but definitely not the least; create the iconic Iron Throne for the boss!


Noontime Show

Noontime shows never lose their appeal in the Philippines. The lively atmosphere and mishmash of entertainment can spell a lot of fun for your year-ender!


1. Set up a stage and lights similar to a studio!


2. Assign hosts who can match the wit, energy, and charm of Vice Ganda!


3. A noontime is never without a song and dance numbers. Divide your office into groups and have them perform a popular number onstage!


4. Incorporate well-known noontime show contests like Pinoy Henyo, Pera o Bayong, and Miss Q and A!



Bring popular soaps both old and new like Pangako Sa ‘Yo and Till I Met You from the TV screen to your company’s last get-together!


1. Instead of song performances, have guests reenact famous scenes from the telenovelas.


2. Have attendees dress up as their favorite telenovela characters!


3. Test their telenovela knowledge by playing “Guess That Line” or “Who Said It”


4. Invite a celebrity guest from one of the TV shows for a really memorable night!


K-pop / Hallyu

K-pop and Korean culture and general has undoubtedly struck a chord with PInoys and has been influential to them. A k-pop themed company gathering would surely appeal to many!


1. K-pop idols are known for their unique sense of style. Make your party look and feel like a K-pop music video by having everyone come in cool K-pop fashion.


2. K-pop has come out with many iconic dance moves over the years, so why not have a K-pop dance off?


3. Like Filipinos, Koreans love to sing. Setup a karaoke machine for some K-pop fun!


4. Koreans are known for their barbeque! A Korean barbeque grill would fit perfectly in a K-pop themed party.


Everything 90s

The 90s was a wonderful decade, and many millennials look back at it fondly as the years of their childhood. Whether you’re young or old, you’d surely love a party themed after it as the 90s was full of fun and flavor!


1. See if people still remember the 90s by organizing a 90s quiz!


2. A 90s party wouldn’t be complete, of course, without a dress code requiring guests to wear iconic getups from the decade.


3. Play games from the 90s like hopscotch, agawan base, pabitin, and board games!


Start planning as early as now to execute the ultimate year-ending party for the company—the more fitting the theme, the more enjoyable and memorable it will be for employees!

Need help with your year-ender? Our strategists and organizers can ideate with you and implement an unforgettable event experience customized for your exact needs. Contact M2Live to know more!