Go Paperless!
4 Useful Event Registration Solutions


Technology has streamlined the often tedious process of event registration. Organizers now have access to apps, QR codes, and smart devices that save time, minimize waste, and level up the overall event experience. If you’re looking at tech to turn registration into a breeze, here are four paperless registration solutions that can help:


Event Check-In App by Event Farm

Event Farm’s Event Check-In App digitizes guest registration. It boasts a quick filter feature where you can easily find out which guests are expected and which have already arrived. It also enables you to view notes on specific attendees, get real time analytics on their registration status, and activate “Arrival Alerts” that notify you through text or email when individual guests check in. The latest app update added a QR function too, making the check-in process even quicker and more seamless.


Event Guest List & Check-in by Boomset

In addition to a digital registration function, this app lets you print name badges on-site and lets you check-in guests offline. It’s also possible to collect guest signatures, pictures of attendees, and donations. Similar to Event Farm’s app, Event Guest List & Check-in can notify you via text or email when VIPs register.


Event Check-In App by zkipster

This event registration app enables you to build multiple guest lists to segment attendees. You can create RSVP campaigns, monitor guest statuses, produce social media reports, and communicate with staff members. It also features an offline function and lets you print nametags like the app by Boomset.



ThinkBIT is a complete technology solution that provides both hardware and software for a paperless and interactive check-in process. The service supplies iPad units equipped with a customizable registration program you can tailor-fit for your event. These devices are mounted on modules that can be designed and branded according to your specifications. And that’s not all! ThinkBIT also features wirelessly connected printers that instantly print nametags for guests, real-time reports to help you oversee guest attendance, and a QR code function to provide a more immersive experience for attendees! Lastly, it comes with reliable technical support to quickly resolve issues. 


Forget the tediousness of long lines as guests laboriously fill in their personal information. Move on to an eco-friendly paperless solution! Integrate a tech-based solution like ThinkBIT into your event.

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