Using Digital To Your Advantage:

The Company Year-End Party


Planning for the company’s year-end party can be tiresome and time-consuming. But if you know how to use technology to your advantage, you’ll not only be able to ease the process of preparation, you’ll be able to incorporate fun and engaging activities online as well. Here are six specific ways you can integrate digital features into your organization’s big event:



Instant and Hassle-Free Invites

Crafting physical invites can be quite tedious and costly. Fortunately, there’s an easier and more environmentally friendly option: digital! Your invite can come in many forms: a candid group message on a chat app, an official event on Facebook, or a formal email from the CEO, just to name a few. You can start with teasers on social media to hype up the party. Follow through with personalized mailers that address employees by their first name and are signed by the head. Remember to keep everything aligned with your party’s theme!



Paperless Polls

Polls are a great way to find out what would appeal to everyone in the office. You can use email, Facebook, or a polling app to have people vote for the party’s theme, food, venue, schedule, etc. It’s collaborative and will help you organize an event that everyone is happy with!



An Instagram-Worthy Party

Instagram is one of the hottest social media platforms right now. If you plan on embracing digital for your project, it only makes sense to make your year-end party Instagram-worthy! Try your best to make everything in the venue look Instragammable, set an official event #hashtag, and organize a contest that would award the most creative use of the official hashtag.



Quest for Codes

As an entertainment option for the year-end party, try preparing a “digital quest”. Scatter QR codes around the venue that guests have to scan and collect via their smart phones. The first one to scan all wins a prize! You can strategically place the QR codes on items or on spots that relate to your theme—you can put them on things that are symbolic or meaningful to the company, for example. A QR quest is perfect for tech-themed parties!



Digital Coupons

Partner up with brands to get special discounts for the preparation for your party (e.g. costumes, decorations, etc.) and partner up with a ride-sharing app to make commuting easier for the employees. Digital coupons can also be given away as prizes for games or can be packaged with awards.



A Virtual Raffle

Setting up a physical raffle is difficult and can take up a lot of time. Why not make life simpler by implementing a raffle digitally via Facebook or through apps like Raffle Draw or Riffle Raffle? This way, you can ensure that the preparation is effortless and the process is fair.


M2Live can help you make your event better and more seamless by integrating digital processes! Our event experts can optimize the potential of your project by implementing different technologies.

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