Thanking Media Partners 101:

The Year-End Thanksgiving Event


Your media partners are the biggest advocates of your brand. They play a crucial role in your storytelling and definitely deserve to be recognized and appreciated. Celebrate with them to cap off all the achievements for the year and set the narrative for the next! Here are four tips to help you organize your media thanksgiving event:



Set a Schedule That Works

Make sure that you schedule your thanksgiving event ahead of time as your media partners are busy and in-demand during the end of the year. Adjust to majority’s availability and set it at a convenient time for them (not too late, but not too early). Confirm your reservation with the venue as soon as you find a date that works.


Make it Worth Their While

Journalists, bloggers, social media influencers, and thought leaders have a lot of events to go to during the holiday season. They’ll brave the traffic and find time out of their schedule to attend your party, so make it worth their while. Give them the VIP treatment: choose entertainment that would appeal to them, offer great food, and provide first-class service.


Choose a Great Location

Choose a convenient spot in a central business district for easy accessibility. Give clear directions, a map, and options for transportation. Ensure that those with a vehicle will have access to a parking spot as finding one in a CBD can be tough.


Attendance is a Must

One way you can show your gratitude is by having your organization’s VIPs present during the event. Your partners will definitely appreciate meeting C-level executives and thought leaders. It’s a great way for both of you to build connections and strengthen relationships.

Your media partners love to tell stories—give them one to remember and write about by organizing an unforgettable thanksgiving event!

M2live has a team of experts who can help you ideate, plan, and execute your company’s year-end events. Contact us to know how we can help!