How to Debut Your Brand:

Announcing the Brand Internally


When launching a new brand, product, or service, the obvious target is the mass market. After all, it’s their support that will result in leads and sales. Unfortunately, the best advertising and marketing campaign will fail when the people making, investing, and delivering the product don’t believe in it. But at the opposite end, when they are behind it 100%, success is almost guaranteed. Not only will they be hard at work on the job, they will also be your spokesperson outside of it – through tweets, posts, and simple word-of-mouth.

However, rallying your people is harder than you think. Never make the assumption that the people within the company support everything that it does. In fact, they can be your toughest critics because they have seen it all. Here’s how to get them on your side.



Identify Audiences and Objectives

An internal launch can be the hardest thing to pull off because of the wide variety of interests involved. Your employees will want to know different things compared to your investors and they will have different requirements than your retailers. It’s important to list which information each group needs along with the results that you want to achieve for each of them.


Craft the Messaging

With a list prepared, it’s time to craft a message that energizes each group in the direction that you want. It’s a good idea to link internal marketing with external marketing to ensure that your messaging will harmonize when the internal stakeholders brag about the new product. But a reminder: don’t use marketing jargon outside of the marketing department. Clear messages work better.


Choose Your Channels

Because different messages in one event can be confusing, it might be better to use different channels to reach out to the various stakeholders. Which one depends on the needs of a particular group. Your investors might find an email campaign enough if the product or service isn’t controversial and the numbers are all okay. Your workers might be better served by a town hall meeting that makes them feel confidence and pride in the product. On the other hand, your salesmen and retail partners could be better served by a sales rally that trains them on how to use and market the product. Select the best way to direct each group.


Find the Right Timing

Reaching out to these different internal groups doesn’t need to happen at the same time. Certain groups need to be informed earlier than others. What’s crucial is to give them the information they need at the right time. For example, your sales people obviously need to learn about the product before it launches to the public or your investors might need to be informed before everyone else to get their buy-in.


Launching the product to your people will ensure that your entire organization marches to the same beat and is another step for to its success. But there’s another group that needs to be convinced: the media. In the next article, M2Live will be discussing how to get journalists and bloggers on your side.

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