4 Ways to Ace Your Live Product Demo


A live product demo is incredibly effective marketing. You get to highlight the features of your product, showcase it in action, and interact with consumers in the process. Presenting your product in front of an audience, however, is very different from producing a video or writing a press release. It comes with risks. Device malfunctions, mental blocks, and negative reactions from the crowd can easily make you look bad. But the rewards are worth it: you can leave a strong impression on your customers and influence their decision on the spot. Here are four tips to help you ace yours:


Practice Makes Perfect

Know your presentation like the back of your hand. Practice in front of your peers, and ask them what you need to add or improve on. Rehearse your demonstration repeatedly until it feels natural!



Keep Your Audience in Mind

Know and understand the profile of your audience and customize your demo specifically for them. Show how your product fits into their lives and how it can solve the challenges they face. Remember to speak their language and avoid using technical terms they might not understand. Incorporate relatable material in your demo: memes for a millennial audience or an 80’s reference for Gen X-ers!



Be Ready for Questions and Criticism

Prepare yourself for questions and comments that will be directed towards you. Be ready with clear solutions to any concerns and pack proper responses to criticism. Always put yourself in your audience’s shoes and try to figure out what they might ask or what they might complain about.



Make it Memorable

The last thing you want is for your product demo to be boring and forgettable. Give them a presentation they’ll remember by putting in exciting and unexpected elements like VR and interactive displays!


Follow these tips and remember that a product demo is as much about the experience as it is about the product!

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