How to Debut Your Brand:

Making a Splash on Social Media


Despite the effectiveness of events to debut your brand, its reach is limited to a particular location – unless you’re able to extend your range. Fortunately, there is a way to get your brand out there quickly and economically to potentially every person in the world: social media.  

Introducing your product online is very different from launching it through an event. Your campaign, strategy, and metrics won’t be the same. But the principles of planning, preparation, and execution will still be important.


Choose a Platform

Facebook dominates the Philippine online landscape but Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and LinkedIn has its devoted users. However, they cater to different types of people. Once you’ve created your ideal buyer personas, pick the social network that they use the most. Lastly, concentrate on one or two platforms first. Debuting in too many will just stretch your resources without any notable gain.


Determine Your Goals

Be clear on what you want your social media to do. Social networks have metrics for everything and all of these numbers can be easily accessed at a glance. List concrete goals, such as likes, shares, followers, or leads. Remember, don’t set your expectations too high. It takes time to build relationships in social media and relationships are crucial to marketing and sales success.


Develop an Online Personality

People often relate to brands as persons – a phenomenon that increases exponentially in social media where a brand can actually reply! It’s important to project a personality that appeals to your target market. Think of how your brand should speak. Does it sound young? Conservative? What are its opinions on various subjects that might come up? Once you’ve settled on a personality, write social media guidelines to enable your community managers to speak with a single voice.


Formulate a Hashtag

A hashtag makes it easy for people to jump into your social media conversations whether they are following you or not. It’s a handy way for them to learn more about you. Create one that’s unique, catchy, and simple as possible to encourage your fans and followers to keep using it.


Schedule a Content Calendar

A content calendar ensures that you have something to say every day. Some might want more flexibility but it’s not hard to write an extra post on the day that your brand has something more to say. Create a general outline that stretches from six months to a year to help you formulate a long-term plan.  Then write a specific month-long calendar that includes all your posts, contests, and blog articles.


Create Content

Not all posts are simple text or social cards. Videos are popular and enjoy high engagement rates while blogs gives another reason for your fans to visit your website. But creating creative content like these takes time. Create a bank of fresh, shareable content first which you could use after your social media launch.


Contact Influencers

It’s 2017! Bloggers, celebrities, and other potential brand ambassadors have their own social media accounts that can help your brand reach their audiences. They can also contribute content that you can use to build hype. Build and nurture a network of influencers and get them on your side.


Engage, Engage, Engage

When launch day arrives, it’s important to engage your budding fans. Your copy and content would have already been prepared but your replies to your potential followers will be crucial in turning them into your brand advocates.

Launching your brand or product in social media will get your brand attention. But before this step occurs, you need to take a step back and introduce it to a small but crucial circle: your stakeholders. How do you debut your product to your employees, investors, and partners? Read it in the next article. Subscribe to M2Live!