3 Innovative and Interactive

Activities For Your Event


Slide presentations, printed banners, and regular photo booths are overused and cliché. If you’re organizing an event, the last thing you want is a boring and forgettable experience for guests. Incorporating interactive activities will help make your event more immersive, entertain attendees, and emphasize your theme or message. The technologies available for planners and organizers allow them to engage people like never before, making for more impactful and meaningful experiences. Here are three activities that utilize these innovations to take your event to the next level.


Wall Alive

Wall Alive is an interactive wall that responds to touch and motion. It’s fully customizable, allowing you to incorporate the sounds, videos, and animations that will surely captivate your guests. It’s an immersive technology that can serve as a very fun and eye-catching backdrop, photo op wall, or giant infographic platform, just to name a few.


Sketch to Life

Imagine your own drawings springing to life and moving about on a large screen! Personal writing, paintings, and sketches can be scanned and projected onto a huge platform via Sketch to Life. Aside from producing an amazing visual spectacle, the technology fosters creativity and collaboration. Like Wall Alive, it is fully customizable and can be tweaked for whatever your objectives are.


VR Booth

VR technology is big right now, and you can use this innovation to provide truly engaging experiences for your guests. There are a ton of applications VR can bring to events! Virtual environment simulation, 360 presentations, and VR product showcases are just a few exciting examples. Bring your guests to places they’ve never been and let them do things they never thought they would be able to do with this amazing medium!


The possibilities that technology can provide for the events industry are endless. M2Live can work together with you to implement these interactive activities that will surely make your event more immersive and meaningful.

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