Admit it, the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word team building are those activities held in beaches, resorts and other open fields. However, when you don’t have the privilege of outdoor spaces and the weather does not permit the luxury of a quick getaway, you have no options but to stay indoors.

But staying indoors doesn’t have to be dull and boring – not when you know what do. In fact, when it comes to indoor team building activities, you’ll never run out of fun and creative ideas. We, at M2Live , researched the internet for 8 indoor team building activities that your employees will definitely enjoy!

10 Indoor Team Building Activities for the Workplace

10 Indoor Team Building Activities for the Workplace


1. Tangled

Materials: 4 different colors of wool that represents each group

Players: 4 groups with 2-4 members each

Time Limit: 5 mins.

Preparation: Cut the ball of wool into pieces of different lengths and mix them up. Each group must be positioned in the four corners of a room with the heap of entangled wool pieces placed on a table at the center.

Mechanics: In this game, each group has to create one long thread of their designated color. As a runner picks up a thread, the rest of the team will have to remain ready at the corners to tie the pieces of thread together. However, the tricky part here is that only one wool thread can be carried at a time and a runner can only return when the thread is tied. The team with the longest thread in 5 minutes wins.

2. Build a House

Materials: marshmallows and toothpicks

Players: groups of 4 or 5

Time Limit: 10 mins.

Mechanics: Each team is provided with marshmallows and toothpicks. There is no required amount of resources needed but it can be scaled larger to create a bigger structure. The goal here is to build a house that is strong enough to endure 3 tennis balls. Those that will not survive the hits will lose.

3. Tell Tales

Materials: Ball

Players: at least 3 players

Mechanics: The objective of this game is to improve communication skills within a company. For this game, participants will have to form a circle and the one who holds the ball should begin telling a story. But the challenge is, each person only gets to say 10 words. The ball will be passed until everyone has had their turn.

4. Scavenger Hunt

Materials: pen and paper

Players: 2-3 members in each group

Time Limit: 30 mins.

Mechanics: Each team must be provided with a list of silly tasks to be accomplished within an hour. This can be as simple as collecting fallen leaves on the sidewalk or as crazy as taking a selfie with a complete stranger on the streets! The winning group should be the fastest to complete all of the tasks or most of them by the end of the hour.

5. Human Knot

Players: 8-20 persons

Mechanics: Participants must stand in a circle with their backs facing each other, shoulder to shoulder. Then, each must put their right hand out to grab a random hand across the circle. The same goes for the left hand. In order to win this game, the group must untangle the knot within the set time and without releasing or twisting their hands.

6. Perfect Square

Materials: long rope tied together and blindfold for each participant

Players: at least 5 players

Time Limit: 10-15 mins.

Mechanics: Participants will need to stand in a circle while holding the rope. Each should put on their blindfold before setting the rope on the floor and takes a few steps away from the circle. Afterwards, they will have to make their way back and try to form a square while blindfolded. A time limit should add difficulty to this game. TIP: Want to make it more challenging? Ask some participants to remain silent!

7. Mine Field

Materials: various items and a blindfold for each pair

Players: 2-5 pairs of players

Time Limit: 10-20 mins.

Mechanics: This game will work best in the spacious areas of an office. Spread objects across an open space where it will serve as a mine. One member of each pair should put on the blindfold while the other will serve as a guide to lead his other half from the other side of the space. The blindfolded must not step on the mines and not speak at all, otherwise they will be out of the game.

8. Egg Drop

Materials: assorted office supplies and raw egg

Players: two or more groups of 3-5 members

Time Limit: 15-30 mins.

Mechanics: Each group is provided with a raw egg and an assortment of office supplies, which should include adhesive tape, straws, newspapers and rubber bands among others. These should be used to build a contraption around the egg to keep it from breaking. The goal is to keep the egg intact when dropped from an elevation of at least 15 ft. The ‘protected’ egg can be dropped from the upper floors (can be on the 2nd floor or higher) of the office building to the ground. The team who will do well in keeping the egg protected to survive the drop will be declared winner.

9. What’s My Name?

Materials: name tags

Players: 10 participants or more

Time Limit: 10 mins.

Mechanics: On the name tags, write down names of famous figures, professions, types of personality or status (e.g. doctor, blind, geek, homeless etc.). The tags should be placed on the back of each person in the room so they cannot see who they are, but the rest of the group can. Within a set amount of time, participants should find a way to figure out who they are without directly asking the question. This is possible by treating each other according to how their labels are treated in a stereotypical society. The person who failed or the last to identify his character will lose.

10. Zombie Escape

Materials: rope, puzzles or clues

Players: At least 5 or more participants

Time Limit: depends on the number of puzzles and clues that need to be solved

Mechanics: In this game, the players will be locked in a room with a zombie. The volunteer zombie will be tied to a rope in a corner with a foot of leeway. The players will have to solve a series of puzzles, riddles and clues that will lead them to the key that will unlock the escape door. However, with every 5 minutes spent, the zombie will be let out another foot until it eventually comes close enough to eat the players.

There’s nothing more important than your employees collaboratively working together to produce more efficient results. Team building activities help promote relationship and trust among your members while improving the mood in your workspace. Indoor team building events will ensure that the camaraderie within the four corners of your office will continue to flourish under any weather!

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