Everyone loves a fun photo booth backdrop, especially one that matches your party theme. And while it may seem like an additional requirement to your already growing list of tasks -- and possibly an additional spending that may put you off your budget. It doesn’t really have to be like that.

What you need to know is that you can produce stunning photos without using too much effort or spending money to rent a photobooth. With the help of  the Internet and a little of your creativity, you will can discover countless ways to create your own photo booth backdrops.

Curious? We’ve simplified it for you! We have scoured the web to  come up with 12 photo booth backdrop ideas that you can use for your next party:

1. Balloon Wall

Image Source:  Popsugar

Image Source: Popsugar

While you may find balloons ordinary in parties and events, you can add a new flavor to  this understated element and give it the attention it deserves. How? By creating a balloon wall backdrop! Setting up one is as simple as choosing a set of balloons (in one shade or multicolored) that will make a  nice wall for your photo booth background.

2. Carnival Tickets

Image Source:  Lovely Indeed

Image Source: Lovely Indeed


Got loads of tickets that you consider too sentimental to be disposed? Put them to good use with a ticket backdrop which will work perfectly for a carnival or Hollywood-themed party! Here’s a tip, if you don’t have enough to fill your frame, you can duplicate them by printing a copy.

P.S. It works just as well with your movie ticket stubs!

3. Chalkboard Wall

Image Source:  Lemon Thistle

Image Source: Lemon Thistle

One of the biggest advantages about this backdrop is how it’s fully customizable. It may seem hard to achieve but there’s actually chalkboard paint or blackboard stickers at your disposal.

4. Door Screen

Image Source:  Not Just a Housewife

Image Source: Not Just a Housewife

Who would’ve thought that a set of old doors, when assembled together, makes a lovely photo booth backdrop? It’s also fitting for your rustic or barn-themed wedding!

5. Floating Confetti

Image Source:  Studio DIY

Image Source: Studio DIY

Instead of popping confetti every time, why not leave them just hanging in the air? Create this easy-to-do backdrop and arm each guests with magic wands (a.k.a. DIY confetti wands) for your next party!

6. Flower Garland

Image Source:  Lia Griffith

Image Source: Lia Griffith

Flower garlands are always a good idea. Whether you’re using it for your bridal shower, wedding, birthday party, name it – this backdrop is sure to lend a pristine beauty to your event. Try these collective ideas from Top Inspired.

7. Gold Sequins

For all the glitz and glam it offers, this sequin wall will be the center of attention to your all-girls party. It’s definitely hard to be in a glum mood in the presence of this sparkling statement. See how it’s done!

8. Herringbone Garland

Image Source:  Glitter Guide

Image Source: Glitter Guide

The herringbone pattern dates back to as early as the Roman Empire. It’s no wonder its both fun and sophisticated at the same time. Hang them on your ceiling to get that beautiful twisted look.

9. Marquee Letters

Image Source:  Her Tool Belt

Image Source: Her Tool Belt

This is probably the backdrop that requires the most effort in this list. But, with all the aesthetic appeal it adds to your event, the word beautiful is an understatement to describe it!

10. Paper Chains

Image Source:  Design   Daz  zle

Image Source: Design Dazzle

This backdrop instantly adds a pop of color to your party. Not to mention, it’s so easy and inexpensive to make: cut several strips of colored papers, glue both ends to form a ring, and consider it done.

11. Paper Fans

Imag Source:  A Pretty Cool Life

Imag Source: A Pretty Cool Life


You’ll probably find this a bit outdated. But, you can look into it as a life-saving hero when you’re on your last-minute preparation. Just use different sizes of paper fans with different textures for a unique take on the otherwise boring backdrop.

12. Tinsel

Image Source:  Kojo Desi  gn  s

Image Source: Kojo Designs

This sparkling décor are not only for Christmas. Tinsels, like this white metallic garland which resembles a rabbit tail, make a great backdrop too!

Did you find the perfect backdrop for your future event? Let us know in the comments!

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