3 Event Management Trends to Explore this 2018

3 Event Management Trends to Explore this 2018

2017 delivered many things in the events management industry, and 2018 seems to get only more exciting. As an industry professional, it’s good to be updated with the current trends--their impact will definitely affect your events in the future .

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend time on research to know what’s in and what’s hot. In this article, M2Live highlighted  a host of new technologies and market shifts in events management that’s bound to shape the industry in the future. Here are the top 3 event management trends that you will need to keep in mind for this year:

1. Advanced Technology

More than ever, event technology has become more sophisticated. It’s improving the overall event experience by leaps and bounds. Here are some of the latest event technologies – from immersive to security tools - that are here to stay:

  • Event Apps – have taken events by storm in the past years with its ability to collect all event information in a mobile device while providing attendees a platform to interact with fellow attendees.
  • Virtual Reality – has been breaking the barriers of distance by allowing both speakers and attendees to participate in a virtual venue. It’s also a popular tool for marketing through virtual tours or product demos.
  • Drones – are bringing live coverage of an event from new heights and different angles.

2. Unique Venues

Event venues are one of the factors that make an immediate impression. This year, the trend calls for the use of unique event layouts and venues that will not only foster interaction among the audience but will also deliver the message an event wants to convey. While conventional venues are still ideal for lecture-heavy conferences, a venue that reflects the values and messages of the event is far more important.  

3. Real-Time Crowdshaping

Finally, as Maximillion predicted, crowdshaping will be one of the event management trends that will transform the industry for the coming years. This technology involves gathering of data through the use of smartphones and wearable devices generated by attendees to modify and personalize an event according to their preferences.

Imagine having the ability to adjust music genre and venue temperature based on the real-time preferences of your guests. For an events management agency, using this technology allows them to build an event for their audience in real time, and it was proven successful when it debuted at the SXSW during the Bioreactive Concert of Pepsi in 2014.

Which Trends Will Your Event Strategy Use?

In the coming years, there will be a stronger need for advanced technologies and market shifts to improve audience engagement – and these trends are predicted to further push the events management industry forward.

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