How to Make Your Event Page Captivating

How to Make Your Event Page Captivating

Creating a captivating event page isn’t easy. But with the right fundamentals, your site will play a pivotal role in drawing attendees.

How to Create an Event Page that Draws People In

1. Visuals

An event page needs to convince people that the whole experience is worth their time and money. Embed visual content such as photos and videos from your previous activities to help them imagine the experience. These captivating visuals will keep visitors on the page and will build the hype for your project.

2. Branding

Your event page will only be successful if it stands out from the rest. Put in the right colors, themes, texts, designs and logos to your website to give it a distinct feel and character.

3. Mobile Responsiveness

In 2017, the number of smartphone users was estimated at 4.77 billion, with Filipinos accounting for 30.4 million of that figure. If you’re hoping to tap into this exploding market, it’s important for your event page to be responsive and formatted for mobile.

4. Registration

Aside from making your page attractive, it’s also important to implement an effective registration process. Keep the registration as convenient as possible. A complicated process may lose you potential attendees. A straightforward system that allows your visitors to confirm their registration with only a few clicks is ideal. Here are some other good practices to implement:

  • State the event fee clearly (if there’s any)
  • Encourage but never require attendees to create an account to register
  • Make the registration mobile-friendly

5. Promotion

In addition to creating an event page, you can further your efforts by creating a Facebook Event. Instead of just listing your event and driving interested attendees to your website for more information, include all the details they need in the Facebook page. Simplifying the procedure will strengthen the chances of your visitors registering for your event and maybe even inviting their friends to join.

TIP: Facebook shortens the process with its Checkout feature. If you are eligible to use this feature, your customers can proceed to buy event tickets without leaving Facebook at no additional cost.

6. Transportation

Visitors also consider how difficult it is to get to your event. Including the transportation, details will help speed up their decision process.

The right branding and a straightforward registration process are essential fundamentals for an event page. To know how you can improve it further, it’s always a good idea to talk with a professional events management agency.

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