How to Master Instagram Stories to Promote Your Event

How to Master Instagram Stories to Promote Your Event

In the past year, Instagram’s monthly active users soared to over 800 million. It is a treasure trove of potential audiences, and with a wealth of features to use, the social network is ripe for your brand. Already, businesses use the photo-sharing platform as a vehicle for promoting their brand, products, services, and upcoming events. And the majority of individual users engage with businesses on the platform regularly.

In this article, we will zero in on one of its most used features: Instagram Stories. This feature is used by 300 million people daily. But how does it work and how can it promote your event?

How Instagram Stories Work

In 2016, the Facebook-owned platform introduced Instagram Story. The feature feels almost exactly like Snapchat Stories--it lets you post a series of photos and video clips that when strung together, play like a slideshow.

To add a Story, you only have to swipe right from anywhere in your feed. Your story will appear in a row at the top of the Feed, along with others posted by the users you follow. Similar to Snapchat Stories, Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hrs.

Promote Your Event with Instagram Stories

There are three ways to use Instagram Stories to build your brand:

1. Event Promotion

Instagram Stories is a creative, promotional format for reaching potential audiences and attendees in real time. It helps you create a narrative through a string of videos or pictures that tell a larger story. What’s great about this feature and the promotional methods it offers is that while the new Instagram algorithm may affect your visibility in your followers’ feeds, it ensures that you will maintain your presence on the platform, as your Stories will appear at the top of their feed.

2. Exclusive Behind the Scenes Content

Take consumers “behind the scenes”. It’s effective in instilling transparency and honesty, especially in an age where consumers are more practical and discerning. Filming insider peeks and posting it in your Instagram Stories lets attendees know what goes on behind the scenes while showing non-attendees what they’re missing. Other applications of this approach include:

  • Teasers – Tease people with hints: a blurred photo or a short clip for your followers to decipher.
  • Recaps – Show short videos of the important happenings in the event to help attendees remember.

3. Limited Offers

Motivate the attendees to monitor your business’ social media accounts by announcing exclusive, platform-specific offers. For example, run a contest to see who can publish the most viewed Instagram Story of your event; winners receive exclusive products for a limited period. Ask participants to use your event hashtag to let even more people see your event.

These efforts build up hype online and drive more followers to your Instagram account while keeping your audience engaged and giving them reasons to follow your stories even after the event. Leverage other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to amplify your initiatives by building awareness for your exclusive content on Instagram Stories.

If you need more help with your event promotion strategies, working with a corporate event marketing manager will help you tremendously. Start by contacting us!

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