A good event script can liven up a venue, keep people entertained, and--when great--create an unforgettable experience. While that last one may be hard to achieve, you can at least start with the basics. Let's take a look at the general do's and don'ts of script writing for events:


Before you put pen to paper, do a little bit of research. Know your audience: are they the top executives of a Fortune 500 bank or fresh-out-of-college creatives from a start-up agency? Understand the nature of the event: is it a formal press conference or a year-end celebration? These details are crucial as they determine the tone and format of your script, allowing you to really speak to your audience.

Nothing's more sleep-inducing than an emcee stringing a bunch of cliché lines. As an effective event organizer, having a generic script is a big no-no. Try inserting references to whatever your audience is into--like celebrities, movies, or sports, for example--and spice up the script with current topics.


Always develop a script with the host in mind. Formal words, for example, wouldn't really fit a flamboyant emcee. Write playful banter if you have two or more hosts, as long as it fits the context of the event.

Ensure that you refer to the program flow when writing the script. This will allow you to properly integrate introductory lines, transitions, breaks, closing remarks, etc.


While jokes can break the ice and lighten up the mood, you have to draw the line between funny and inappropriate. An insensitive script can ruin the experience for some. Know if there will be kids in the audience so you can gauge how far you can go in terms of mature content.

If you have a script for two emcees, you might want to prepare a solo version just in case one is unable to attend. Make sure the host knows what to say in case of emergencies or technical difficulties. Be ready with filler to entertain guests during unexpected waiting times.

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Vicky Escoto
Business Development Manager