Valentine's Day 2018: 5 Event Ideas for the Romantics

Valentine's Day 2018: 5 Event Ideas for the Romantics

Valentine’s Day is for celebrating love. However, more than being a day for the romantics, V-Day has also become a favorite among businesses because of the opportunities that arise from this occasion.

With many couples breaking their piggy banks on Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day is a great chance to boost your post-holiday revenue -- and what better way to do that than by throwing a themed event?

Whether you’re a restaurant owner, brand manager, or marketer, check out these 5 event ideas that are sure to spread the love and bring customers to your doors:

1. Movie Screening

A crowd favorite, a movie screening is a perfect set-up to a romantic scene. It’s guaranteed to attract a crowd as long as you have a suitable location for a laidback date night. Regardless whether it’s held outdoors or indoors, complete your setup with rows of puffy pillows, short-legged tables, chocolates, popcorns, choice of drinks, and of course, some classic romantic films.

2. Photo Booth

For a Valentine’s Day memory that will live forever, holding a photo booth is a great option. Here, you may prefer hiring a professional photographer but you can also rent a photo booth setup -- just as long as you set it up in a high-traffic area! However, to provide your guests the ultimate photo booth experience, focus on your backdrop and your photo props!

3. Dress-Up Party

On the other hand, if your customers are looking for a lavish celebration, then hosting a dress-up party  will be a hit with them. For Valentine’s Day, you may want to consider requiring your guests to wear clothes that fit a specific theme, such as a Masquerade or All-Red. A prize for the Best Dressed Couple should encourage them to put an extra effort with their costumes.

4. Mini Contest

Another different take on Valentine’s Day is to organize a friendly competition. Couples can compete against each other for prizes such as a dinner for two, staycation in a hotel, or tickets to a romantic movie. However, you should have to keep in mind that people might arrive in their Sunday best, and it’s important to opt for small games that will only require minimal physical activity.

5. Live Entertainment

Finally, to take the Valentine’s Day experience to a whole new level, why not sponsor a live show? In choosing your form of entertainment, it’s important to take into consideration your audience and the right choice of performance – whether it’s a theatrical production, a comedy stint, or a jazz performance.

Let Us Help Bring Success to Your Valentine’s Day Event

Regardless of what type of Valentine’s Day event you wish to pull off, it’s sure to attract the romantics to your brand. If you need help in organizing your event¸ M2Live can do all the hard work for you so that you can focus on more important matters of your business. Contact us today!

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