Where to Go: 6 Best Places for the Titas of Manila

Where to Go: 6 Best Places for the Titas of Manila

The term tita is often reserved to refer your mother’s sister or often, the friends of your parents. But, there’s another type of tita in town who’s winning the hearts of many--the titas of Manila.

These days, ‘tita’ refers not only to a relative, but also the ‘pseudo aunts’ with whom one has become comfortable with. From these emerged the so-called ‘Titas of Manila’--a term of endearment which has been used as a general moniker in reference to strong, independent women in their midlife who are stylish, love to engage in deep conversations, and prefer lunch dates and quiet wine nights with friends.

That being said, these women are constantly in search for exceptional places with laid-back and elegant atmosphere--and preferably with  wine and sosyal food to serve.

If  you’re guilty of being a tita of Manila and is running out of ideas on  where to meet your kumares the next weekend, we listed the best places for you to wine, dine and keep the kwentuhan sessions going.

The so-called ‘Titas of Manila’ have gained tremendous popularity in recent years. Just like the Millennials, they’ve made their marks in the modern society because of the  unique traits that made them stand out from the crowd.

The Titas of MNL often ooze with confidence, the 'no-holds-barred' type. You can spot her from miles away because her red lipstick pops out and her shawl is just so extra. Oh and did we tell you, the true titas has a habit of keeping unused restaurant tissues and condiments in their expensive bags.

Although known for their penchant for honest hardwork, the Titas of Manila know how to unwind and have fun, too! If you happen to be a 'Tita' or has scheduled a night out with one, we've sourced the best places for you to wine, dine, and keep the kwentuhan sessions going.

1. La Vie Parisienne

Even before the term tita came into trend, La Vie Parisienne has already been a famous hangout spot for the titas in Cebu. Now, you don’t have to fly all the way to the Visayas to get a taste of its posh wine, mouthwatering breads and pastries as it already opened branches in Manila.  You’ll be overwhelmed with its great selection of wines that you’ll probably end up drinking more than 2 glasses, uhm no make that 3!

PRO-TITA TIP: Dine inside the wine cellar for an exceptional kwentuhan experience.

La Vie Parisienne has a branch in Salcedo Village, Makati.

2. Rustic Mornings by Isabelo

Rustic Mornings redefines how you spend a beautiful day with your kumares. It serves all-day breakfast menu to make sure that you have something to eat no matter what time you decide to come in for brunch. To complete your gastronomic experience make sure that you’re seated in the al fresco spot for that instagrammable tita group shot.

PRO-TITA TIP: Their signature Herbed Hash Browns and Crispy Waffles are a must-try!

Visit Rustic Mornings at 11 Isabelo Mendoza St. San Roque, Marikina City.

3. Bondi & Bourke

Bondi & Bourke is a modern restaurant that lets you enjoy cuisine from the land down under. It makes an authentic interpretation of Australian favorites including savory pies, parmas, and its signature 1.2 kg. US Creekstone Prime Rib-Eye. All these you can enjoy while drinking a bottle of wine with your favorite kumare in a chic, modern industrial setting.

PRO-TITA TIP: Drop by Bondi & Bourke during the happy hour for a free-flowing wine, classic cocktails, and local craft beers.

Bondi & Bourke is located at Cattleya Condominium, Salcedo Village, Makati.

4. Grape Escape

The titas who used to frequent StrEat Maginhawa Food Park before are probably familiar with Grape Escape. But, to provide you more chic place for your juicy gossips, the wine lounge opened its own restaurant (also within the area), where you can get to enjoy the same unlimited wine offer they’re famous for. Don’t worry if you go hungry after your bottle of wine, they offer hearty dishes to go with the alcohol like cheese, pizza, and pasta.

PRO-TITA TIP: Visit any day from Tuesday to Sunday from 4-8pm and get the first dibs on free-flowing red, white and rose wine!

Grape Escape is at 99 Maginhawa St. Teachers Village, Quezon City.

5. Dean & Deluca

Whether you prefer to meet your amigas over breakfast, lunch or dinner, Dean & Deluca is a perfect place to go. You’ll probably even make an excuse to have an emergency cheat day when you see their  pastries and pizza selection that use its infamous sourdough crust. The best deal? Everything served at its Rockwell cafe is fresh!

PRO-TITA TIP: Aside from the pastries and coffees, the milkshakes are also a sure winner.

Dean & Deluca is located at G/F Edades Tower and Garden Villas, Rockwell Makati.

6. The Wholesome Table

Yes, you guessed it right. The Wholesome Table came from the owner’s commitment to organic living. It serves the kind of comfort food you’re used to eating, only they’re made from scratch, using organic ingredients. In fact, somewhere in its rustic setting is a kitchen wall, where all the banned ingredients like MSG are listed - something that a tita would definitely approve of. If you love to bring home the goodness of healthy living, you can try it your own by starting with this banana heart (puso ng saging) burger patty recipe.

PRO-TITA TIP: Never go without trying any of its power bowls, a selection of whole grain, nutritious meals in a bowl.

The Wholesome Table has branches in BGC, Pasig, and Makati. Visit their Facebook Page for more details.

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