7 Event Management Software You Can Use For Free

7 Event Management Software You Can Use For Free

You’ve secured your venue and finalized the event details. Now you’re wondering how you’ll manage potentially hundreds of guests, from invitation to registration. That doesn’t even account for the sponsors. You can’t go and email all of them one by one, right? Manual registration sheets won’t cut it on the day itself, either. You’ll need something that can help you take care of these particulars quickly and cleanly.

It’s a good thing that one of this year’s trends is the rise of helpful technology such as event management software, which can help you from promotions to place cards. You could shell out a bit more for higher-end programs, but there are always free options that are worth a look. Here are 7 event management programs you can use for free.

  1. Odoo Community Edition

    While its enterprise edition has full customer support and a mobile app, you’ll already get far with Odoo Community Edition. This program can help you from the beginning to the end of the event planning process. Use Odoo to easily create event pages and monitor page metrics with Google Analytics. You can also set your event’s schedule, sell tickets, promote your event through emails and on social media, and manage your sponsors.

    Odoo has SEO tools and landing pages as well. Odoo Community Edition also fully integrates with other apps such as the Email Suite. It runs on Linux, OS X, Windows, iOS, Android, and Unix-like systems.

  2. Open Conference System

    Hosting an academic conference? OCS will do wonders for you. Aside from streamlining registration, it allows you to set up an official website, accept submissions from participants, and post event proceedings and papers on a database that you can search later on. You can hold online discussions through the program even after the end of the event as well.

    To use OCS, you will need a computer with PHP 4.2.x to 5.x, MySQL 3.23.23 to 4.x or PostgreSQL 7.1 to 8.x, and at least Apache 1.3.2x or 2.0.4x or Microsoft IIS 6. Any operating system is fine as long as it supports these prerequisites.

  3. OpenConferenceWare

    Looking for a program that can list event sessions, manage room blocking, and create personal profiles for guests? Give the web-based OpenConferenceWare a try. It will also help you create and update proposals from guests, subscribe to feeds, and set up surveys for attendees.

    Interested event planners have to be a bit tech-savvy, though. OpenConferenceWare needs a Ruby on Rails application to launch.

  4. Open Source Event Manager

    Provide your attendees with detailed schedule pages and session information with Open Source Event Manager. The program also lets you build an event website, register proposals, and keep tabs on registration, venue info, and sponsorships. An administrator dashboard keeps everything organized and easy to find.

  5. Evite

    The free version of this online service will allow you to choose an eye-catching invitation and set up an RSVP system quickly. Evite has a vast selection of designs for you to use. You can also deliver invitations via email, social media, and text message. Just take note that you can only send one invitation to a maximum of 750 people.

  6. Seating Arrangement

    This promptly-named app was originally designed for managing table space during weddings. It does far more than just that, however. Manage guest lists and menu options, sort guests according to age or social group, and print place cards for everyone with Seating Arrangement. Since this program is also web-based, it runs on all operating systems and does not require any downloads. You’ll also be able to access your plans from any place with Internet access.

  7. EventLeaf

    Jolly Tech’s EventLeaf is an updated version of web-based sister program EventTrack. EventLeaf can be downloaded and made to run offline, however. It retains EventTrack’s on-site registration, customizable forms, badge creation, and barcode verification for badges. You can also register guests who are attending only a particular seminar or session.

    EventLeaf runs on PCs with at least Windows Vista. Do keep in mind that the program is given “as is,” though, with no warranty or tech support.

Event management will certainly entail stress. But when you do it  right, the success of the affair can strengthen your brand’s reputation. These 7 tools will be very helpful to anyone aspiring to professionally plan and execute an event. Try out any of the above software and see how smoothly the particulars of your event fall into place!

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