A Night to Remember: 9 Unique Valentine's Day Date Ideas

A Night to Remember: 9 Unique Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is almost here. Movie nights and candlelit dinners are certainly popular options for a date night, but there are several other ways you can spend a memorable night together. Here’s a list of 9 unique Valentine’s Day date ideas for you to choose from!

9 Ideas for a Unique Valentine's Day Date

1. Put Together a Vision Board

Need a bit more help sticking to your New Year’s resolutions? Grab some scrapbooking materials and spend the night laying out a vision board together. Load it with images and quotes that highlight your 2019 couple goals. When you look at the board later on, you’ll get a motivational boost from seeing your resolution in your loved one’s handwriting.

2. Spot Shooting Stars at the Manila Observatory

This Spanish-era observatory in the Ateneo de Manila University has several telescopes that you can use to study the skies. Bring a loved one here and watch out for shooting stars that you can wish upon together.

3. Indulge in a Food Trip

Here’s the perfect Valentine’s Day date idea for a foodie couple. Walk into one place for appetizers, hit up another for the main course, and finish off with desserts at a third restaurant. Feel free to go for fish balls and cheese sticks if you bump into any stands along the way! Some great places for this are Maginhawa, Tomas Morato, and Binondo.

4. Gaze Upon the Sea Fairies of Manila Ocean Park

While jellyfish are notorious for stinging unwary swimmers, they also swim with mesmerizing grace. Manila Ocean Park’s unique Dancing Sea Fairies exhibit features several small aquariums filled with translucent jellyfish and neon lights. If your special someone is fond of animals and underwater scenes, take them here for a close encounter with the waltzing “sea fairies.”

5. Buy Each Other Gifts at The HUB: Make Lab

Shop at The HUB: Make Lab with your loved one for a fun Valentine’s Day date! Browse local finds such as artisanal cookies, independent clothing brands, charming antiques, and unique handmade crafts at this quaint market on Escolta.

6. Wind Down at SGD Coffee

Does your beloved adore coffee? Treat them to a cup of world-famous Sagada brew from SGD Coffee. Afterwards, try out the pastries and cakes made to complement the drinks. The cozy decor, oozing with unique Sagada charm, will lend a laid-back atmosphere to your Valentine’s Day date. It helps that this coffee shop sits along quiet Maalalahanin Street in Quezon City.

DID YOU KNOW? SGD Coffee’s beans can be traced back to particular farmers. The shop’s owners are glad to connect other businesses with the farmers of origin.

7. Relive Your First Date

Noticed that Valentine’s Day 2019 is on a Thursday? Make it a Throwback Thursday with this date idea: do the exact same thing you did on your first date! Recreate as much of the date as possible, from the failed pick-up line to the three seconds of eye contact that made your heart flutter.

8. Drive Off into the Night

Does either of you own a car? Hop in, top off the fuel tank, and drive away. Blast some of your favorite songs while you’re at it. You can use Google Maps or Waze to find your way around, but don’t worry too much about having a destination in mind. Who knows if you’ll end up along Roxas Boulevard or making a stopover for some Tagaytay bulalo?

9. Browse Old Photos

Quiet Valentine’s Day dates can be unique, too. Spend your evening going through old pictures of the two of you. Dig up ancient photos from your phone galleries, or revisit old Facebook posts, especially the ones loaded with comments from overly supportive friends. It’s a simple but intimate way to look back on your memories together. You might also be surprised by how much the two of you have (or haven’t) changed since then! Enjoy a night of laughing together.

Decided on one of these 9 unique Valentine’s Day date ideas yet? Remember to book any needed reservations or tickets in advance, and keep a backup plan handy so that you can spend a wonderful night together, come what may!

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