5 Reasons to Hold Your Brand Activation at a Festival

5 Reasons to Hold Your Brand Activation at a Festival

Not sure when or where to hold your next brand activation? Aim for an upcoming festival like Wanderland or Syzygy.

It might not make sense at first, since your brand activation probably won’t be the festival’s main attraction. However, countless other companies have set up successful booths at these jam-packed events! Here are 5 reasons you should follow suit and hold your next brand activation at a festival.

5 Reasons to Hold Brand Activations at Festivals

1. Guaranteed Visitors

One glance at a festival’s expected attendee counts, and you’ll be anxious to secure a booth! Expect to generate a small crowd with your brand activation. Other festival-goers will also wander over out of curiosity once they see other attendees flocking to your booth.

TIP: Offer freebies. One fun idea is to set up a simple carnival game with free products at stake. You may also ask visitors to enter a raffle draw with their contact details as the entries. This ensures that people don’t just pop by, grab the freebies, and leave without true engagement.

2. Additional Brand Image Points

Holding your brand activation at a festival will paint your company as trendy and updated. Millennials in particular lean towards brands that stay relevant. Plan your activation well, and visitors may even associate your brand with the festival itself!

TIP: Choose a festival that aligns with your brand message, and then tailor the concept of your activation to the event. This ensures that your brand activation will fit right in!

3. Opportunities to Be Genuinely Helpful

Large and widely-publicized events such as festivals can get crowded very quickly. Festival-goers may find themselves trying to have fun despite inconveniences (e.g. blistering heat and a lack of charging stations).

Lighten up their festival experience by providing something that visitors actually need! You’ll be surprised at how many people will benefit from the free rides or charging stations your activation offers. Some other brand activations at festivals provide guests with umbrellas or parkas to help them cope with the weather.

4. Potential Connections

Aside from guaranteed audiences, festivals also give you the chance to interact with other brands or even team up with them. For example, organic snack brands can partner themselves with healthy drink labels. Try striking up a chat with the festival organizers and taking notes from them later on, too.

5. Lasting Brand Affinity

More often than not, people head to festivals to make memories. Hold your brand activation at a festival, and your brand becomes part of the whole experience. For best results, target a festival that your buyer persona is likely to attend. This signals to festival-goers that you share common values with them--the foundation of brand affinity.  As a result, attendees will be more likely to look for your brand after the festival itself has ended.

TIP: Stay in contact with booth visitors! Thank them in shoutouts or tag them in post-event recaps. This kind of gesture will make your brand stand out even more in their minds.

With these 5 reasons, it’s no wonder that more companies are setting up brand activations at festivals. If you’re thinking of doing the same for your brand, though, you’d better act fast. Festivals tend to have limited sponsor space!

Want to make your brand activation a sure success at your chosen festival? Get advice from a brand activation agency in the Philippines, or read up on how to make your event IG-worthy.

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