Make Your Event IG-Worthy in 9 Steps

Make Your Event IG-Worthy in 9 Steps

You’ve probably invested a lot in your upcoming corporate event. Your company might have even lost sleep while securing an amazing venue and handpicking speakers and sponsors. Wouldn’t it be great if you could also increase event publicity, perhaps by tapping Instagram?

If your guests find your event Instagram-worthy, they’ll almost certainly snap a few pictures and put them up for all their followers to see. As a result, your brand and  event will reach even larger audiences, especially if your guests have large followings themselves! How can you make sure that your guests will actually take those pictures and upload them to Instagram, though? Here are 9 things you can do to make your event IG-worthy.

9 Steps to Make Your Event IG-Worthy

1. Keep Your Event Well-Lit

Guests won’t post much on Instagram if the photos they take are constantly either too bright or too dark. On the other hand, they’ll be snapping picture after picture if the lighting is amazing.

2. Use a Hashtag

Be sure to choose a hashtag for the event! Otherwise, guests will use their own, which can make it difficult to explore event photos on Instagram. Hashtags are also important if you plan to use apps like or to set up an Instagram wall, where guests can see their own IG posts flash before them on a large screen.

Keep the hashtag highly visible--include it on entrance signs, event programmes, and in slideshow presentations. It’ll be easier for guests to remember the exact hashtag to use.

3. Grab Guests’ Attention With a Sign

Find a scenic area in your venue that would look nice in an Instagram post. Then, put up a sign gently encouraging guests to pose for a photo. Make the sign eye-catching with your brand logo, the event hashtag, or a stylish frame. Watch as your attendees take the cue and walk up for photo ops!

4. Put Up a Striking Backdrop

Whether it’s a chalkboard or a balloon wall, there are several photo booth backdrop ideas to match your event.. This step becomes easier if you’ve chosen an Instagram-ready venue.

Place your photo booth so that it’s easy to notice but doesn’t get in the way of the flow of traffic. A safe bet would be near the registration booth.

5. Keep Your Event Aesthetic On Point

Your guests will enjoy taking pictures of high-impact decor, from the stage backdrop to the dining table centerpieces! Find a caterer who knows how to arrange food and decorate their buffet table. The dishes at your event should both taste good and look Instagrammable.

6. Go Crazy With Photo Booth Props

Even the most quiet guests might come up with a witty photo idea when they see the props sitting at the foot of your photo booth. Speech bubbles and hugot lines related to your event might become crowd favorites! Plus, if you’ve set up an Instagram wall, your attendees will have fun laughing at themselves whenever their pictures come up. Include a prop that prominently features the event hashtag.

7. Encourage Guests to Express Themselves

You may be surprised at how quickly a freedom wall can fill up with thought-provoking responses. Just set up house rules (ex. keep it brief and clean). Provide colored markers for attendees to write on tarp, or set out colored sticky notes to turn an empty wall into an impressive mosaic. If anything, guests might also snap a picture of their own contribution to the wall, whether as a keepsake or a future Instagram post.

8. Personalize

From table place cards to trophies to giveaways, most attendees smile when they see their name in writing. It helps if these labels reflect clean and IG-worthy company branding. Plus, not all company events feature personal touches like these. Some guests may snap a picture simply because you chose to print their names on their programmes’ front covers.

9. Don’t Forget the Souvenirs

People still gladly accept souvenirs from corporate events nowadays, so your event souvenirs should be just as IG-worthy as the decor. Guests will also love photo booths that print hard copies of their pictures within minutes. Some attendees may even put pictures of the print-outs themselves on Instagram!

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Making your event IG-worthy doesn’t take too much extra effort. Just follow these 9 steps and your guests might flood Instagram with pictures from your event!

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