Conferences thrive on the free flow of ideas. But they need a spark to break open the dam. For more than a decade, M2Live has been igniting bright, engaging discussions that inspire participants to turn talk into meaningful action.

Creating an atmosphere for discussion begins with in-depth research and preparation. Based on your messaging points, M2Live develops a creative vision and gathers the best talents to help with everything needed such as scouting venues, arranging the presentations, managing speakers, and liaising with suppliers. On the day of the conference, our event specialists are there to ensure that every aspect of the experience—from the reception to the speeches to the entertainment—proceeds flawlessly.

On the strength of our proven, time-tested process as a conference and corporate events organizer in the Philippines, our team has established professional relationships with some of the world's leading organizations, many of which regularly call on our services. Our events agency has organized conferences all over Southeast Asia.

Beyond the conference, M2Live utilizes its expertise in digital marketing, social media, fabrication, and PR to take the discussion to the wider world, allowing you to engage not only conference participants but external audiences as well.

Your conference can be the spark that sets off great things. Let us help you make that happen.


Arranging a meeting of the minds for hundreds of curious individuals is a demanding endeavor. There are thousands of details to hammer out and every aspect of the conference to consider. But the most important task is delighting the people that the conference needs to attract.

Do you need to:

  • Invite and confirm attendees and speakers for your conference?
  • Handle the registration of hundreds of people?
  • Arrange location, logistics, and manpower that cater to thousands?
  • Design and produce collaterals?


Working harmoniously with people and meeting – if not exceeding – their expectations are ingrained into the M2Live team’s mindset. Our activations agency provides skills and experience in holding award-winning conferences that impress ideas in people’s minds.

We offer you:

  • Event management & full-service production
  • Event concept, design, and styling
  • AV, lighting, and technical production
  • Staging design & fabrication
  • Venue finding
  • Logistics
  • Social Media Integration
  • Public Relations Support



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