Corporate Events

When are events truly worthwhile and meaningful? When they are relevant to the participating person or communities — a relevance reinforced by the story behind the event.

For over a decade now, M2Live has been staging special events that tell the stories of our clients and their brands, whether it’s a launch, an inauguration, a commemoration, or an awarding ceremony.

We work closely with you to develop a show that will relay the message you want to share to your audiences. Our events management team keeps in mind your input at each stage and takes your key messages to heart when designing every detail of the event.

M2Live can go beyond organizing the event itself. With our expertise in PR, digital marketing, stage design, fabrication, and social media, our specialists can spread the word of your special event to the right people, from your target audience to your potential awardees.

Special events embody great achievements and aspirations, and thus deserve ceremonies worthy of their significance. That is exactly what we bring to your table.


A special event obtains its distinction and meaning from the feelings of the audience. However, moving people’s hearts requires creativity, insight, and dedication. Everything from the lighting and music to the decorations and performers need careful attention and consideration.

Do you need to:

  • Hold a product launch, awarding ceremony, job fair, recognition dinner, or other events?
  • Find assistance in creative direction and design?
  • Write the event’s script?
  • Ensure things move smoothly with project or stage management?
  • Arrange manpower, logistics, or location?
  • Fabricate displays, stages, and centerpieces? 


or over a decade, M2Live has been arranging special events for businesses and organizations. Our events agency has constantly won acclaim with the target audience, providing them with meaningful experiences that resonate in their minds.

We offer you:

  • Charity fundraisers
  • Exhibitions
  • Event management & full-service production
  • Event concept, design, and styling
  • AV, lighting, and technical production
  • Staging design & fabrication
  • Venue finding
  • Social Media Integration
  • Public Relations Support



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