GE Philippines
Digital Advantage Forum 2017

Bringing the Digital Advantage to the Philippines


The Speed Challenge

Established in 1935, GE Philippines is known by Filipinos for its lighting products and domestic appliances. But as a global innovator, GE has pioneered new innovations, recently in the realm of digital industrial transformation. It is changing the shape of industries across the world and GE is determined to lead this transform in the Philippines.

To get the digital ball rolling, the global brand conceptualized the Digital Advantage Forum 2017. The conference hoped to open discussion about the country’s potential for digital transformation, recruit potential partners for this endeavor, and establish GE as a primary driver of this trend. It sought to invite local government and business personalities, particularly from the Science and Tech, and Energy and Power sectors.

But time was growing short. April 25, 2017, the date of the forum, was only two weeks away and could not be moved because it will interfere with another planned event. To ensure the event occurs on time, GE Philippines needed an agency with the experience and know-how to cut preparation time short. The global brand found a partner in M2.0 Communications.

Organizing at a breakneck pace

To speed things up, M2.0 recommended that the campaign turn to digital. The event’s team relied on an email campaign to invite potential attendees, blasting an informative and well-designed invitation to hundreds at a time. By the last day, 68 guests confirmed their attendance

However, inviting speakers was not as convenient. It’s very difficult to find speakers outside of GE who can participate at a moment’s notice. Fortunately, M2.0 isn’t new to conferences about technology and innovation. The team has built a network of contacts and resources in the sector, which it leveraged to find available speakers.

As they confirmed their availability, the final program emerged. GE Philippines CEO Jocot de Dios opened the forum while GE General Manager ASEAN Alvin Ng set the tone with his keynote address on digital industrial transformation. Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) Deputy Mon Ibrahim explained the importance of digital for business. A lively panel discussion was planned involving Alvin Ng, COO and CMO Microsoft Philippines Cian O’Neill, Diane Eustaquio of IdeaSpace Foundation, and Manny Ayala of ENDEAVOR. Lastly, security issues were discussed by GE’s Raymond Liau and Sagiv Massad, Director of Technology and Cyber Security at Business Profiles Inc. from Tel Aviv before moving on to the digital industrial showcase and the closing remarks.

The Results

As the date dawned at the venue, Seda Hotel in BGC, the registration opened at 8:30am.  Of the 68, confirmations, 51 actually attended – luminaries from leading Filipino companies such as Meralco, Aboitiz Power, Philippine Airlines, Pointwest, and Energy Development Corporation.

While the event was scheduled to end by noon, discussion grew so animated that the program exceeded the schedule. Participants loved the speakers and were interested in the topics. Many agreed that they would attend another GE-hosted event if invited again.

Despite the shortness of preparation time, the Digital Advantage Forum whet people’s interest in digital industrial transformation and paved the way for a bigger conference in June.